Safety Tips! These Mistakes Can Destroy Your Yacht

A Yacht can be defined as a vessel powered by sail or a motor, and used for traveling, cruising or sports. It includes top kitchen equipment as well.

To keep your Yacht in good working conditions, you must avoid the following errors:

# 1 – Fouling the Propeller

If the propeller gets caught in any form of obstructions and you keep restarting the engine rather than resolving the problem, you can cause damage to your yacht.

# 2 – Running Batteries too Low

You shouldn’t run on very low batteries. If you do this, you could go out of power. Besides, it puts unnecessary pressure on the batteries that may cause it to depreciate quickly.

# 3 – Putting of Fuel Into The Water Fill

This kind of mistake can cause severe damage to your yacht. You must check and double-check before refilling.

# 4 – Running an engine on dry land with no water supply

This vessel was made to specifically run on water. Doing otherwise is putting the yacht at risk of damage.

# 5 – Slamming the Dock

It is important that your vessel is docked properly and not slammed forcefully against the dock. This error can cause damage to your yacht.

A yacht is different from other working ships because it can be used for pleasure. It is usually associated with luxury and affluence. Yachts, unlike ships, may not have a full crew.

Yachts are longer than some water vessels. The lengths of a yacht can range from ten meters to hundreds of feet. There are two major types of a Yacht, and this classification is done based on their lengths.

1. Super Yacht: A water vessel is a super yacht if its length is beyond 24m.

2. Mega Yacht: It is a mega yacht if the length is longer than 50 meters. It could be as long as 220 meters.

The different parts of a yacht include:

  • Bow: This is the forward-facing part of the vessel.
  • Stern: This is the backward-facing part of the vessel.
  • Port: This is the left side of the vessel while facing the direction of the bow.
  • Starboard: This is the right side of the vessel while facing the bow.
  • Aft: This is the area towards the back.
  • Berth: This is the sleeping area.
  • Bridge/Cockpit: This is the part where the controls are located.
  • Cabin: This is a private room on the vessel.
  • Deck: This is the outside area of the vessel where you walk on.
  • Helm: This is the wheel or handles made for steering.
  • Porthole: This is the window attached to the vessel.
  • Gallery: This is where tasty and delicious meals are prepared.

A yacht is a luxurious vessel, so proper care and maintenance are needed to enable it to deliver quality service and to ensure durability. 

Ways in which you can take care of your yacht include:

  • Regular Washing: The internal and external parts of a yacht must be washed regularly to prevent damage to the parts due to the presence of corrosive substances. Besides washing, the parts should be waxed and oiled to reduce the occurrence of depreciation.
  • Engine Maintenance: Always ensure that efforts are in place to keep the engine in good condition. These steps would include checking the oiling and cooling system for leaks and any form of damage and getting them fixed as soon as possible.
  • Battery Maintenance: It is also important that the battery is kept in good order. A way to do that is by removing it from the yacht after each use and storing it in a dry place. Also, ensure it is fully charged before removal.
  • Propeller Maintenance: The Propeller is also an important part of the yacht. You must examine all the parts and attend to any damage immediately.
  • Proper Storage: Your yacht should be stored in a dry place where it is protected from excess heat and moisture.
5 Must Have Accessories For Your Yacht

5 Must Have Accessories For Your Yacht

Purchasing a yacht is just half work done, to enjoy the experience you need to equip your boat with the best accessories.

Take a look at these 5 must-have accessories for your yacht. These are the accessories you must have apart from the Coast Guard kit, which is absolutely necessary for safety onboard:

# 1 – Cooler

Staying hydrated on the deck is crucial. Especially in the summers traveling in the open sea can dehydrate you very quickly. A cooler can help you, the crew and your companions quench your thirst. Pick a portable cooler that is strong, slip-proof, resistant to rust, rugged, and has higher ice retention.

A rotomolded cooler works the best. There are a lot of options available in the market. Research well and then pick the one that suits your needs and budget.

# 2 – Marine Stereo System

Either spending time alone on the deck or with a group of friends, music is the ultimate fun. You can enjoy any kind of tunes according to your mood when you have the stereo and speaker in place. It can also help you stay updated with the local weather.

The stereo systems are built specially to withstand the rough waters. They are water-resistant, work well in humid conditions, and are resistant to saltwater as well. Invest in the best marine stereo sound system to maximize the fun onboard.

# 3 – Dock Lines

Dock lines are essential to keep your boat safe from any damage or mooring. The right amount of dock lines can help you maintain the structure properly. As a bare minimum for the stern you need 2 dock lines, for the bow you will need 2 lines, for starboard and the aft you need one spring line. You should also maintain them well and if you see any wear & tear, replace them immediately.

# 4 – Fishing Rods and Tackle

When on water, fishing is called for. For any angler, a day onboard is an opportunity to polish your fishing skills. Grab the best rods, tackles, and baits for your trip and you are all set to enjoy your day.

# 5 – UV Protection

Staying in water for a long time can damage your skin from the constant exposure from the sun. Sunscreen with the appropriate SPF is a must to carry with you. Give attention to your clothing. A long sleeve dress or t-shirt can protect you from tanning.

You can also carry a hat, gloves, and scarves to cover yourself. Apart from tanning, too much exposure to the sun can also cause sunburns which can be painful.

When boating on your yacht, the basic accessories ensure that you are safe and your experience is filled with fun. Other accessories like a nylon vest, a sack for your gears, whistle, anemometer, queaz-away bands to combat seasickness, waterproof books for maintaining logs, Marine Dry box, Cut-resistant gloves, Bottle opener, Fire alarm, wrist bands, Air freshener, Anchor system, compass and much more can be stashed on the yacht for emergencies.

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Dream Boats: The Coolest Yacht Concepts of 2019

Dream Boats: The Coolest Yacht Concepts of 2019

Yachts are super cool and a luxury to the millionaires. There are a lot of companies and designers that come up with evolutionary designs to take yachts to another level and make them dream boats.

Read on to check out some of the coolest ideas from different parts of the world.

  • Fata Morgana: George Lucian, a Monaco designer, has a concept of a 70-metre yacht which is aimed at raising awareness about the climate change in Arctic region. It has an Ice Class hull that is designed in a way to enable sailing in the arctic regions. It will include a bow which is inspired by a snow rock foundation, swimming pool in the outdoors, helipad and sky observatory. The yacht will be an ultra-low emission one with various devices that can monitor and transmit the temperature of the ocean. It can accommodate 12 guests along with 18 crew members.
  • California: This spacious yacht measuring 135 metres is designed by Kurt Strand. The yacht has large glass panes with 3 swimming pools on the aft decks which gives it a cascading waterfall effect. It also has a surf-riding machine. The yacht can accommodate 50 crew members and 24 guests. The yacht has a bowling alley and 24-seat cinema hall. The vessel also features a showroom that showcases the owner’s classic car collection. A nightclub on the boat is another cool feature. Though it has a lot of luxury amenities, this yacht is environment-friendly.
  • Hypnosquid: Designed by Roberto Curtó, this 63.2 metres yacht is inspired by cuttlefish’s shape and its elegant, quick, and agile nature. The yachts design sports LED coloured windows in a line that represent the eyes of a cuttlefish. This beauty has enough room for 10 guests along with 12 crew members. It has a garden, cinema room, and massage centre. Special features like the Jacuzzi’s waterfall feature and a dining area where the guests can sit and watch the chef cook.
  • Elyon: This yacht has a very simple ambition: “Aim for the highest”. The 110 metres long Elyon is the largest yacht design from Demetrius Tanase and his wife Dana Tanase. Their aim is depicted by the onboard concepts of an indoor & outdoor pool, a gym, spa, casino, and a wellness area. Its striking design is inspired by the calm waves and looks like a sloped bow in reverse. It can accommodate up to 30 guests at a time.

Yacht Interior Designs That Are Outrageously Beautiful

Luxurious yachts are a style statement among business magnates, billionaires, and famous politicians. Every yacht is built as per the requirements of its owners which may include a pool on the deck, gym, cinema hall or exclusive interior designs.

Let us see what the interiors of the expensive yachts look like.

  • History Supreme: The most expensive yacht in the world, this yacht is 100-foot huge and took more than 3 years to build. The price of this yacht is $4.5 billion due to the use of gold, platinum and other precious metals that weigh over 100,000 kg. The base of this vessel, deck, dining area, staircases, rails, and anchor are coated with solid gold. The master bedroom has a meteorite rock as one wall feature. Tyrannosaurus Rex bones are used to make a statue that is placed in the bedroom. An Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium in the master suite is made from 24-carat gold and weighs 68 kg. There is also a liquor bottle with an 18.5-carat diamond which is worth $45 million.
  • Eclipse: This second most expensive and second-largest yacht in the world is priced around $1.5 billion. The yacht is 536 feet long with 24 cabins for guests, 2 swimming pools, many hot tubs, disco hall, along with 2 helipads, 3 launch boars and a mini-submarine. For security, this vessel has an intruder detection system and missile defense system. The bridge and master bedroom have armor plating and bulletproof windows. The yacht has an anti-paparazzi shield to prevent professional photographers taking pictures of the yacht. A 70 member team is required to maintain this yacht.
  • Azzam: Not much is known about the interiors of this largest private yacht. The interior of this 4th expensive yacht is designed by Christophe Leoni, a French interior designer. Its interiors are described as “sophisticated and luxurious in a turn of the century Empire style”.
  • Topaz: We can imagine the efforts put into building this Superyacht by the fact that its interiors were designed by Terrance Disdale Design and the exteriors were done by Tim Heywood. This extravagant yacht has a large Jacuzzi right on the deck and a separate swimming deck that has a built-in pool. It comes with double helipads, fancy underwater lightings, gymnasium, movie hall, and a conference room.

With so many companies building world-class yachts with modern amenities, it is no longer a doubt that we will see a lot more new features and beautiful interiors coming up in the yachts.

The Most Expensive Yacht on Earth

The Most Expensive Yacht on Earth

Business tycoons, the Sheikhs, and other wealthiest people around the world are often seen spending billions of dollars on a Yacht. It is not a means to show off but a place to spend holidays in solitude.

Massive yacht with the latest amenities including swimming pool, tennis courts, theatre, helipads is being built by companies to cater to the growing demands. Let us check out the top 8 expensive yachts currently on this planet.

  1. History Supreme: When you have enough money, why not own a yacht lined with gold and silver. This 4.5 Billion dollar vessel was bought by an anonymous businessman from Malaysia.
  2. Eclipse: Not only among the expensive yacht priced at 1.5 billion dollars, but this is also the second-largest yacht in the world with a length of 536 feet. The owner of this beauty is a billionaire from Russia named Roman Abramovich.
  3. Azzam: The private yacht of the President of U.A.E, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayan, this extravagant floating vessel is priced at $650 million. The yacht measures 590 feet in length.
  4. Topaz: This 482 feet long yacht is valued at $527 million. The luxury motor yacht was constructed in Germany with a fitness hall, cinema hall, conference rooms, double landing pads for helicopter, Jacuzzi and swimming pool among other luxury features.
  5. Dubai: Owned by the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, this is the third-largest Yacht in the world. The yacht is priced at $350 million. It can hold a total of 115 people on board.
  6. Serene: Valued at $330 million, Serene is owned by Mohammed bin Salman, a billionaire. This yacht has everything you can ever dream of like pool, two helipads that can be converted into pool or dance floor, submarine, jet stream pool, play areas, snow room, lifts, outdoor cinema theatre, bar, piano room, beauty center, and an underwater room for viewing the marine life.
  7. Superyacht A: The interior of this huge yacht is spread across a 24,000 square feet area with 6 suites that have moving walls and can be easily converted into four larger rooms. The interiors have mirrored surfaces throughout and feature 3 swimming pools, one helicopter hangar, and a disco. The price of this beauty is $323 million.
  8. Radiant: This yacht is 110 meters in length and can easily accommodate 20 guests. The yacht has a 44 member team onboard at all times. The Radiant has a swimming pool, movie theatre, Jacuzzi on the deck, gym and massage room.