Yacht Interior Designs That Are Outrageously Beautiful

Luxurious yachts are a style statement among business magnates, billionaires, and famous politicians. Every yacht is built as per the requirements of its owners which may include a pool on the deck, gym, cinema hall or exclusive interior designs.

Let us see what the interiors of the expensive yachts look like.

  • History Supreme: The most expensive yacht in the world, this yacht is 100-foot huge and took more than 3 years to build. The price of this yacht is $4.5 billion due to the use of gold, platinum and other precious metals that weigh over 100,000 kg. The base of this vessel, deck, dining area, staircases, rails, and anchor are coated with solid gold. The master bedroom has a meteorite rock as one wall feature. Tyrannosaurus Rex bones are used to make a statue that is placed in the bedroom. An Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium in the master suite is made from 24-carat gold and weighs 68 kg. There is also a liquor bottle with an 18.5-carat diamond which is worth $45 million.
  • Eclipse: This second most expensive and second-largest yacht in the world is priced around $1.5 billion. The yacht is 536 feet long with 24 cabins for guests, 2 swimming pools, many hot tubs, disco hall, along with 2 helipads, 3 launch boars and a mini-submarine. For security, this vessel has an intruder detection system and missile defense system. The bridge and master bedroom have armor plating and bulletproof windows. The yacht has an anti-paparazzi shield to prevent professional photographers taking pictures of the yacht. A 70 member team is required to maintain this yacht.
  • Azzam: Not much is known about the interiors of this largest private yacht. The interior of this 4th expensive yacht is designed by Christophe Leoni, a French interior designer. Its interiors are described as “sophisticated and luxurious in a turn of the century Empire style”.
  • Topaz: We can imagine the efforts put into building this Superyacht by the fact that its interiors were designed by Terrance Disdale Design and the exteriors were done by Tim Heywood. This extravagant yacht has a large Jacuzzi right on the deck and a separate swimming deck that has a built-in pool. It comes with double helipads, fancy underwater lightings, gymnasium, movie hall, and a conference room.

With so many companies building world-class yachts with modern amenities, it is no longer a doubt that we will see a lot more new features and beautiful interiors coming up in the yachts.