The Countries Hosting International Fashion Shows in 2021


There are many countries in the world that host fashion shows but only a select few host the biggest international fashion shows of 2021.

A fashion show, like a good music festival, is a huge tourism attraction for many countries. People come far and wide to see the latest dresses and shirts that are in style right now. It’s a huge part of peoples’ lives and a massive surge of income for the economy and fashion brands. They get their work out there and seen thanks to the models on the catwalk and the country gets more of their culture shared. It’s a win-win.



So the first country that will host an international fashion show in Italy. The Milan fashion show is a huge part of the Italian culture and so many people have worked hard to get this show ready, from lighting and staging to the actual fashion items themselves. There will be scarves, dressed, trousers and hats of all kinds of variety with some big-name brands supporting them. This will be a huge show with people visiting from all over the world and it’s going to bring a huge surge of money to the local economy.



Next, we have the capital of Denmark: Copenhagen. This amazing city will feature a big fashion show, the likes of which no one has ever seen before. Get ready for some experimental music, lighting, and the most cutting edge new styles and clothing. It will truly be a sight to behold.  Some big-name models are said to be involved and some very successful designers are preparing their new collection. It’s going to be huge.


United States of America

Of course, the U.S.A is getting involved. New York is in the midst of preparing its international fashion show for 2021 and it’s going to be explosive. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see this. Huge companies like Burberry and Topshop will be cat-walking their hot new clothing and accessories and it’s less than a year away!

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Next, we have the capital of England: London. This wonderful city will of course be taking part in fashion week with a huge international show, demonstrating the various designers and companies from around the globe. The show will be big, and you can bet tea and crumpets will be served as you watch the incredible expression of the artists. For tickets, look on their website. It’s going to be a show good enough for her majesty. I simply can’t wait for this. It’s got London’s street style as well as their simple class. Expect many good suits and fancy hats.



And, last but not certainly not least, we have the capital of France: Paris. The Paris international fashion show will be one for the ages. Coming from the most Romantic city on the planet, of course, the line up will be superb and you won’t be able to help but fall in love with the show. It’s a magical experience every year and I am so excited about it. Paris has been a spearhead in fashion across the world since the old days and its easy to see why. Such a progressive and innovative country will of course have the clothing to reflect this, as you will see in the famous Paris cat-walks that will occur in 2021. It’s going to be amazing.