The 5 Most Bike Friendly Cities on The Planet

Riding your bike around a new city is a great way that you can discover things for the first time while ensuring that you are fast enough to get around and see everything you want in the time you have. If you are someone who enjoys getting some exercise mixed in within your tourism then you will definitely enjoy it if you make it a central part of your trip. There are many cities all over the world that welcome the more environmentally friendly method of transport that you should definitely consider for your next vacation.



Liverpool is a tourist hotspot due to the fact that it is so well known for its wide history of music and entertainment success, residents and visitors alike are big bike users with many using them to get around the city and to go to work. A huge advantage of doing this would have to be the fact that the center is often overloaded with cars and huge amounts of traffic that it can add a significant amount of time to your journey which can easily be avoided if you were to use a bike. With bike rentals also available to visitors at a very affordable price it is now even easier.



Much like Liverpool, Amsterdam is well known for its small roads and huge amounts of traffic which pass through the city every day, if you are a tourist on a limited time frame you may be interested in saving time that can be spent looking at the amazing attractions in the city by riding a bike instead. Not only does the fresh air help keep the mind clear but on a nice summer day, you can see a lot of the city while taking in the relaxing environment.



Another city in the Netherlands that would be perfect for those of you that enjoy riding your bike would have to be the city of Haarlem, there is plenty to see and do in this city and with a surrounding area and landscape as unique as what can be found in Haarlem it would be a shame to waste the scenery sat on public transport. If you are looking to find bike rental Haarlem then you will be glad to know that it is very easily accessible and available at reasonable prices for the duration of your visit.


Los Angeles

For those of you that enjoy riding your bike somewhere that has nice weather to make your day even better, then a visit to LA may be the one for you. It is not just bike riding that this place seems to embrace with many outdoor activities being very popular in this part of California. Riding your bike here is a really relaxing experience that really cannot be found anywhere else in the world with vast beaches and smooth-riding cycle lanes. It is no surprise that thousands of visitors and residents take to the streets on their bikes on a daily basis.



The final city on this list that you should definitely consider visiting if you are a lover of using bikes would have to be Paris, known for their iconic and vintage street aesthetic traveling around by bike and taking in this amazing location is simply something that you cannot miss out on. Imagine riding under the Eiffel tower at night and seeing it all beautifully lit up, getting some fresh air and exercise throughout your once-in-a-lifetime trip is only going to enhance the experience and make it much more enjoyable.