Roughing It: A Brief Guide to Wilderness Camping

At one point or another, we have all sat there and asked ourselves whether or not we could cope with the pressures of taking on the wilderness before. It is the ultimate test of our human survival instincts and something that everyone should take on at some point in their lives. However, it isn’t as easy as it appears on television and you should do a little research before you set out on your adventure. Here is a brief guide to wilderness camping.



If you are planning on being in the wilderness for a while, one of the most important steps that you can take in order to ensure your survival is finding a source of water. When you’re out in the wild and doing physical activities, you are going to burn through a lot of water, so bringing a few bottles with you will not be enough. You will need to find a running water source that you can filter and use while you are there. If you are not sure of what will be a usable source, you can test it by tasting a small amount and seeing whether or not it is salty. If it is not salty, then it is perfectly safe to use.  Before you go camping, make sure you search the web for the top water filters for campers as you will want to make sure that the water is safe to drink before you drink it.



Learning how to start a fire is crucial information that everyone should know before attempting any wilderness fighting. Fire is crucial for purifying water, cooking food, staying warm, and even warning off potential predators. If you don’t know how to make a fire, don’t bother wandering into the woods as you will only be jeopardizing your own safety. Practice at home by looking at instructional videos and you will pick it up in no time.



Before you head out into an area, make sure that it is rich in natural food resources. If you plan on doing some authentic camping, then you will want to live off whatever the land has to offer. However, some places simply don’t provide enough natural foods for you to be able to survive comfortably. We recommend camping close to a stream as they are good sources of fish and also clean water.