Romantic Destinations Around The World For Your Honeymoon

Romantic Destinations Around The World For Your Honeymoon

One of the greatest days of your life will hopefully be your wedding day. A day all about you and your partner coming together to form an unbreakable bond, surrounded by your friends and family. A day full of revelry, dancing, drinking, and good memories. Nothing can quite compare to a successful wedding day.

But what comes after is often a lot more fun and special than the wedding itself. The honeymoon. The time where you and your partner get to spend quality time alone in some exotic destination. Seeing the sights. Experiencing new things. Sharing in the love you have for one another. This is why you want to make sure you go somewhere truly romantic for your honeymoon. So that it is a trip to remember. Luckily for you, we have compiled some of the most romantic destinations from around the world. All of them are perfect honeymoon spots for newlyweds.


The city of lights, love, and romance. Nowhere is quite as romantic as the love capital of the world. Paris! The French have always had a knack for love and romance. Hence the term french kissing. So it is no surprise Paris is our first choice.

There is something for everyone here as well. If you are a couple who adores seeing the sights then Paris has it all. The Eiffel tower, the arc de Triomphe, the louvre. Cultural hotspots are perfect for budding sight-seers. If you just want to kick back and relax, Paris is home to thousands of world-class restaurants, cafes, and bars. France is known for its fantastic food, so you won’t be going hungry while here. And, let’s not forget, France is home to the greatest wines on the planet. Nothing says romance quite like wine over a candlelit dinner.

Bora Bora

French Polynesia is home to some of the most beautiful and romantic destinations anywhere. And the best of these is the beautiful Bora Bora. More than just a fun name to say, Bora Bora is perfect for those couples looking to put their feet up and soak up some sun while sipping on cocktails.



You might not think of Japan as a country inherently romantic in nature. And this might be true for some of the larger cities such as Tokyo. But Japan is one of the most beautiful and colorful nations on the planet. And is a perfect honeymoon destination.

Out in the Japanese country, you will find forests filled to the brim with cherry blossoms. A radiant pink landscape surrounded by scenic views and tranquil hot springs. As a honeymoon destination, Japan has everything you could need. Major city living and tourists sights paired with culture and nature. Plus it is home to a rich and diverse history too, for those who like to learn something new on their trips.


Not everyone’s version of romance is going to be the same. For some, it might be more adrenaline-based. For others, it will be about relaxing and lavishing each other in affections. Well, Australia is the best of both worlds.

One of the sunniest and most varied nations on the planet. Australia is home to the clearest and most beautiful beaches anywhere. And it is the surfing capital of the world. So if you and your new life partner want to hit the waves, Australia is the place for you. Not to mention it is home to diverse wildlife as well. So if you are an animal lover then you are in for a treat in Australia. But if you’re someone who just likes to let loose and hit the city, then Australia’s major cities have vibrant nightlife. Fantastic bars and restaurants around every corner. And the Australian people really know how to drink.


Spain is a beautiful nation. Home to some of the friendliest and most creative people on the planet. It is the perfect destination for couples who want to soak up the sun by day, then hit the city for dancing and drinks by night.

Spain mixes the best of a coastal nation with major city living. Not to mention the food in Spain is to die for. Tapas-style meals are a great way to be more intimate with your partner. And each day the entire nation takes an hour to nap. Nothing is better than a midday siesta. It’ll have you refreshed and ready to hit the town.

But Spain isn’t all eating and drinking and sleeping. It is filled to the brim with cultural hotspots. Spain has a rich history going back hundreds of years. Plus it is home to some of the most beautiful and unique architecture on the planet if you’re into that sort of thing.