How to Spot Fake Clothes While Abroad 

When you are on holiday, one of the first things that you will do is go shopping. Shopping abroad is something that everyone loves, as you can find a lot of brilliant finds for a fraction of the price. If you are abroad, then you will have access to a number of different market stalls and popular shopping sites where you can purchase brilliant produce to take home with you.  


You can get a lot of name brands when you are abroad, but you do have to be careful as there are many vendors that sell products that are not authentic. If you want to avoid purchasing something that is fake, there are some things that you can look out for. Here is how to spot fake clothes while abroad. 


Check the stitching  

A very obvious way that not many people know about when it comes to figuring out whether or not clothing is fake is by looking at the stitching. A proper manufacturer will be very pristine when it comes to the stitching in their items, and everything will be very neat. When it comes to fake clothing, you will be able to instantly tell that the stitching is not up to scratch. If you take a look at your very own mens black bomber jacket from a name brand, you will be able to see the stitching along the inside, and if it is of good quality, it should be neat and well hidden.  

The Small Details 

The 10 Best Men's Leather Jackets in 2021If a vendor is selling a fake item, they will not be able to make it identical to what they are replicating. To avoid having any sort of legal battle to deal with, they will make subtle differences that are not that noticeable to the naked eye. When purchasing a product, you should take the time to really inspect the item that you are buying. It can be something small, like a misspelling of a name or a change in the shape of the design on the item. We recommend that you get up a picture of whatever item that you want to purchase and make sure that it matches up; if it doesn’t match up, then you know when to walk away.  

Check the label 

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If you have other items from a brand that you are looking to purchase, then you will know what to expect from a label from that company.  We recommend that you take an item with you from that same brand so that you can compare the two items and check whether or not they look the same. The label is something that a lot of companies that make fakes tend to forget about it, as they prefer to focus on aesthetics.  

Ask them 

If you really are not sure whether or not something is real, the best thing that you can do is simply ask them. For the most part, they will be honest and tell you whether or not it is real, as they really have no reason to lie.