8 Common Travel Problems And how to Overcome Them

Remember the important stuff

It goes without saying that there are a lot of important documents to remember before you go on holiday, I would recommend making sure that everything is ready a few days in advance to ensure you are prepared for the day. Make sure to get everything you need and print any documents required for your trip.

Important Documents to remember :

  • Passport
  • Boarding Passes
  • Hotel booking Confirmation
  • Insurance Documentation
  • Details for your return journey


Hand Luggage

Preparing your hand luggage prior to your flight is essential, your hand luggage will be your only belongings for multiple hours over your time in the airport and your flights. You will need to pack effectively in order to avoid any stresses before you are reunited with your luggage.

Tips for packing your hand luggage :

  • Remember to print important documents, maybe put them in a folder to keep them safe and organized.
  • Passport!
  • Small toiletries, your airport will have a limit on the liquids you can take through, but small toiletries are great for staying fresh in the time you don’t have your suitcase.
  • Extra clothes, comfort is key – pack extra clothes in case you get cold or if you need to change.
  • Remember to pack chargers so you are able to keep your devices charged for your entertainment.


Weight Limit

Before getting on the plane you will need to ensure that all of your luggage adheres to your flight companies’ restrictions. There’s nothing worse than getting to the airport to find that you have to pay extra for your overweight luggage. You can purchase affordable luggage weighers on the high street, it is a good idea to take one with you so you can double-check your luggage on the way home.


Airport Stress

The airport is a stressful location, all you can think about is arriving at your destination and the last thing you need is to be in a busy and tedious terminal. Dealing with airport stress is very case sensitive so do things that make you happy. Treat yourself to a nice meal, making sure you have eaten properly is a great way to keep your mood up and allows you to avoid the even more extortionate prices of the food on the plane.


Hotel Surprises

When you get to the hotel everything should be perfect but in the case, that is not, try to remain calm. The staff should be on hand to fix anything you have an issue with, at the end of the day you have arrived at your destination and it is time to enjoy yourself.



For those of you with children, the stress of the airport environment can be monumental, a key thing to remember is it is all about keeping your kids entertained. Try to mix it up with different activities – watching movies, coloring, snacks, or even going for a walk, if your children are entertained they are more likely to be happy.



Issues with staff and service are common within the travel industry, whether it be in the airport or hotel there will always be a customer service contact number for you to voice any concerns.



Something that many struggles with when it comes to traveling would be converting your currency. Finding the best rate is easy with the variety of comparison websites that are out there. Or you could scrap the cash altogether and use a currency transfer application such as Plutuspocket which provides transfers for nomads by Transferwise to make your finances much more convenient whilst you are away.