Travelling for Work: 4 Essential Items you Need 

If you are traveling for work, it may be a good idea to make a list beforehand so you can prepare the items you will need to take. This will include items such as a passport, a good pair of waterproof boots for work and a diary with your itinerary.  


The most important thing to pack for your travels is your passport. You will not get very far without it. If you are traveling within Europe as an EU citizen, sometimes all you need is your ID/Driver’s license to travel – but this often depends on your airline so we recommend keeping your passport on you at all times, just in case. Before you travel, make sure your passport is valid too. It is always good to have at least six months on your passport before it expires so always check your expiry date in good time so you can order a new one before the trip comes. 


 Remember to take a mix of light layers and warm layers for your trip (depending on where you are going). It’s always handy to look up the weather before you go and pack accordingly. Packing light is a form of art and with limited space in your backpack, it’s good to be strict with yourself and only bring what you need. 

Take into consideration what kind of activities you might be doing during your travels so that you’re prepared with the right gear – whether you’ll be hiking, snorkeling, working, skiing, or sightseeing around the city, you’ll need appropriate attire. If you are going on a long trip, be sure to check the hostel has a laundry room so you can wash your things and wear clothes over again.  


Don’t forget to get your money exchanged into the currency you will need – it is recommended to find a local currency exchange with the best rates rather than changing your cash at the airport where it’s more expensive. It may also benefit you to budget how much cash you would need for each day and work from there. 



 Shampoo and conditioner bottles can be bulky to carry, and they take up a lot of room in a backpack. Instead, you can fill up smaller-sized bottles with your hair liquids to save space. You can buy these small reusable bottles from Boots or Superdrug. Better yet, invest in some sustainable shampoo or conditioner bars for your hair and support the zero-waste movement.