The 7 Best Travel Gadgets to Own in 2021

Filtered Face mask

It will come as no surprise that the first gadget on this list recommended for travel in 2021 is the filtered face mask, during these uncertain times you should be travelling with the peace of mind that you and your loved ones are protected in the most effective way. When you are in the airports you should have your mouth and nose covered and the filtered face mask is the best way to do this to ensure any germs are contained.


Travel Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

This gadget also has safety in mind and is perfect for sanitizing your hands when travelling, we’ve all been there when you have too much to carry in the airport and now you have to remember to sanitise your hands in order to protect yourself and your fellow travellers. The travel dispenser is great as it can attach to your clothing for easy dispensation thanks to the amazing motion sensor technology that can sense when your hand is underneath it. This hands free device is great for killing germs whilst you are travelling and are too busy to grab the bottle of sanitiser.


Luggage Tracking Clamp and Lock

This next gadget is great for someone who gets paranoid about losing their luggage or any conspiracy theorists who suspect the staff of looking through the cases, the luggage tracking clamps and lock is  a very nifty device as it not only reduces the chances of anyone getting into your cases without a key but also ensures that you will be able to track them from wherever you are. With a downloadable app the lock is trackable from a global satellite so that you can be sure that in the eventuality you are separated from your luggage you will be reunited.


Go Pro Camera

On a more positive note another gadget that you should not forget on your next travelling expedition is a go pro camera, these small but powerful cameras have some of the best and the smallest camera technology within them to bring you this amazing gadget. The great thing about the go pro is that it has a small portable size but is still one of the most high quality cameras on the market, with the durable waterproof casing protecting everything too this is the perfect camera for travelling.



This device may be a bit of a stretch when talking about essential gadgets for your next holiday but the things you can do if you get the opportunity to bring your drone abroad are extraordinary. Think about recording the picturesque views of your exotic holiday location from high up in the sky, the footage that you can get to mark the event of when you visited your chosen destination is going to be a great and unique souvenir to look back on. It is important to remember with drone flying that fpv goggles make your drones more fun, as they allow the pilot to view the live recording from the drone’s view.



When it comes to travelling especially with children it is important that you have access to some kind of entertainment device to keep them occupied in times where you are waiting around in the airport. Tablets and phones have come a long way and thanks to new features like downloadable offline content and longer battery lives you can download games, movies and music to be enjoyed during the tedious airport process, this can be a lifesaver especially if you have children in distress who need something to keep them happy.


Portable Safety Deposit Box

The final device on this list that is just essential for anyone who is traveling is the portable safety deposit box, this chainmail bag is completely impenetrable to anyone who doesn’t have the required pin, as it is actually a small lockable back it is very portable and can be a real lifesaver in the unfortunate occurrence when you find out your hotel hasn’t got a lockable safe in the room. Simply put your possessions inside and seal the bag, it will only be accessible by anyone with the pin keeping your essential items safe whilst you are abroad.