3 Tips for Surviving a Woodland Holiday

The woods are an exciting place to place for a family, couple, or children to explore. They are great places to adventure, so much to see, touch & smell. Wildlife and nature in abundance. A place to run around, get messy and have wild fun. Here are some ideas to survive a holiday in the woods that you may not have known. They mostly include a bit of imagination, natural resources, and in some cases a little forward planning.


Coming prepared

In order to survive a woodland holiday, you should come prepared. You will need to make a list of items to bring beforehand, and include items such as sleeping bags, batteries, waterproof clothing, a barbeque and toiletries. These are only a few necessities you will need before you venture out.



In order to keep occupied, you may want to plan some activities beforehand. If you wish to do a spot of hunting, patriotichunter may be the best place for you to visit before so you can purchase the right equipment. A camping classic, the scavenger hunt is an all-time, family camping game favourite, played throughout the generations. The great thing about this game is that it can be adapted to suit all ages and is educational for the whole family. Plus, you can play on our campsites or venture into the forest for the ultimate scavenger hunt.



It may also be a good idea to check the location in which you will be staying, as some places may have wild animals you are unfamiliar with. Additionally, you will need to check the area you are staying for things such as quick sand and holes, which will either need to be avoided or covered. You should choose an area that is both close to the outside of the forest, but also surrounds you with nature.